Liza Kate is a singer, writer, photographer, actor, traveler, dog-lover, etc.

Here are some links to her work:

No Love Live – “No Love Live” was recorded live by Ned Norland in Chapel Hill, NC on September 2, 2009 for his podcast “No Love For Ned.” All songs written and performed by Liza Kate Boisineau

Don’t Let the Dogs – The first full-length album recorded by Liza Kate featuring Josh Small, Jeff Grant, Lance Kohler and others

MEDIUM – This is where you’ll find a series of personal essays about travel, writing, food, etc.

Life in 10 Minutes – Some personal pieces that have been published to the Life in 10 Minutes website, a project very near and dear to her heart. She would not be where she is today (at her computer, thinking about lunch and writing about herself in the third person) if it weren’t for Valley Haggard and her exceptional ability to pull people out from under their rubble.

The House of Life – The first book published by Shelley Briggs Callahan, co-edited by Liza Kate Boisineau

Live at Sediment – This is a recording from November 20th, 2016 at Sediment Art Gallery in beautiful Richmond Virginia.

“New Wonder” – A 2010 music video for Bonnie “Prince” Billy by Rick Alverson

The Builder – A 2010 film by Rick Alverson

The Comedy – A 2012 film by Rick Alverson

Reunion – A 2014 film by Sharon A. Mooney



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